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Pre-Launch Pay X Token Opportunity!

Join = 100 Tokens
Sponsor a NEW member = 100 Tokens
Purchase a Subscription = 500 Tokens
Sponsor a member who purchases a subscription = 500 Tokens
Opportunity ends when all 70,000,000 are distributed!

70,000,000 Tokens TOTAL for members!

May 26, 2024 WE WILL LAUNCH!

Get 1 token for every $0.01 USD of your PURCHASE!
Available INSIDE NOW!
Get your LEGENDS Tokens NOW before they're GONE!


29,000,0000 LEGENDS Tokens available.
Once the last LEGENDS TOKEN is purchased the token will be listed!
Opening Value for DEX Listing : $0.10 USD!!!
Token Purchase used for LIQUIDITY, LISTINGS and DEVELOPMENT!

Launching May 1st!

1x2 Token Marix! $20 per entry!
On cycle:
$12.50 Member Commission
$2.50 Sponsor Commission
500 Pay X Tokens
Details Inside! Join Now!
BTC and BNB available for Deposit!
Receive BNB-USDT for withdrawal payments!

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Get interactive marketing with our membership interior protocols. Members engage with our system and take action.

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Watch Our Welcome Video

An inspirational preview of
Pay X Legends

Watch Our Videos

Watch our short sizzle videos and get a feel for the incredible opportunity that is
Pay X Legends

Payments made in USDT on the BNB Blockchain

Smart Contract pays to your connected MetaMask Wallet!


487 Total Members 472 Beginners
15 Upgraded Members 13 Leaders
28 Subscriptions 1 PROFESSIONALS
1.5 Total Paid $USDT tether-usdt-logo 1 LEGENDS

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."

Steve Jobs



What is the opportunity that is Pay X Legends? The information below will give you all the information you need to decide to join us NOW!

How it works

The video will explain it best. But to make it short and simple, Pay X Legends is the first step towards a CONSENSUS GOVERNANCE SYSTEM. Where the entire civilization governs itself by consensus voting and a knowledge base certification. You will be those people that joined the first Community Operated and Adminstrated Income Generation System. Legends that will develope the worlds FUTURE. With experience, knowledge and the merit you learned and earned.

Time will tell..

The story will always begin with "It started with Pay X Legends. Those people are TRUE Legends. They were 'crazy enough' and they were the ones who did."

Victor Hugo

"History has its truth, and so has legend. Legendary truth is of another nature than historical truth. Legendary truth is invention whose result is reality. Furthermore, history and legend have the same goal; to depict eternal man beneath momentary man."

Online Marketing

We make Online Marketing a whole new concept. The traditional way to earn is now enabled withing a community structure to grow your income for life. Internal Marketing and External Marketing of other opportunities is supplied in multiple forms. Take your Network Marketing to a NEW LELVEL! The bigger Pay X Legends grows, the more success you experience

Watch this short video and see what a state of the art system can do to change everything you know abouot online marketing and network marketing when it's done with the full support of the entire membership.

Direct and Internal Marketing

Experience the ability to connect with unlimited potential!

External Marketing

Grow your income base with external marketing to 1,000's!

Subscrtiption Income

Earn $10 everytime one of your referrals subscription runs.

2 x 10 Company Forced Matrix

Earn over $5,000 from your own and over $500 from your referrals completed matrx'.

2- 4 x 1 Straight Line Matrix

Increase the speed to fill all 2 x 10 matrix and develop income streams to make NEW Upgraded Members.


Multiple Streams

Pay X Legends has multiple streams from multiple products. Having multiple products allows for each product to develop it's own stream. Not only do you get quality products that are digital and offer an income in the form of commissions through different matrix options, these income streams can last for long periods and some even grow over time.

Pay X Legends is the only system of it's kind that is Fully Automated and Community Operated. An entire membership community is available to help you grow in every stream.

Earn as a Free Member

There is a way to become upgraded and in mutliple possibilities. You can do it all yourself, or you could even get it it given to you by your sponsor!

Earn as an Upgraded Member

Becoming an Upgraded member automatically increases your income abilities. You also automatically increase the income abilites of not only your referrals but every member.

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